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Adding citations from Google Scholar requires a little more work than importing them from an EBSCO folder, but it can be done, and it's still easier than creating them by hand.

Your first step is to locate your source in Google Scholar. Let's say you're looking for methods of freezing monkey brains:

Once you have your citation, click on the cite option within Google scholar, this will open the citation export tool. You will choose the Endnote option. A file containing the formatted citation information will be downloaded to your computer.

Make sure the file containing your citation is downloaded.

Go to your Endnote account. If you don't have an Endnote account already, you can create one at from anywhere on campus.

In your Endnote account, choose "import references" from the "Collect" tab.

Now comes the tricky bit. You are going to import the file you just downloaded into Endnote. You will have to select from a long list of options. Choose the "Endnote Import" option.

Next, choose the file to import. It will be in your Downloads folder.

Click the "Import" button, and your citation will import into whatever folder you choose.

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